Aridus3 – Desolvating Nebulizer System

Experience unmatched capabilities in isotopic and ultratrace analysis with the Teledyne CETAC Aridus3 Desolvating Nebulizer System. This advanced liquid sample introduction accessory is specifically designed for inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). By incorporating the Aridus3 into your laboratory instrument setup, you can achieve remarkable improvements in analyte sensitivity, surpassing expectations by up to 10 times or more. Furthermore, this system effectively mitigates solvent-based interferences, such as oxides and hydrides.


The Teledyne CETAC Aridus3 Desolvating Nebulizer System offers a multitude of benefits that enhance your laboratory workflows and results:

  1. Enhanced Analyte Sensitivity: Depending on the liquid sample uptake rate, experience sensitivity improvements of up to 10 times or more, enabling precise and accurate analysis.
  2. Low-Volume Sample Uptake Rates: Preserve valuable samples with low-volume sample uptake rates of 50, 100, or 200 microliters per minute, ensuring minimal sample consumption.
  3. C-Flow PFA Nebulizer: The system incorporates a C-Flow PFA nebulizer with an integrated autosampler probe, designed for use with the Teledyne CETAC ASX-112FR MicroAutosampler, enabling automated and efficient sample introduction.
  4. Heated PFA Spray Chamber: Benefit from a heated PFA spray chamber that enhances sample transport efficiency, ensuring optimal performance.
  5. Electrostatic Effect Alleviation: Both the PFA nebulizer and PFA spray chamber are located behind a secured door, effectively mitigating electrostatic effects.
  6. Acid Resistance and Low Interference Levels: The system features an inert fluoropolymer membrane that provides exceptional resistance to acids, including HF. Additionally, it maintains low oxide and hydride levels, ensuring accurate analysis.
  7. Built-in Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs): Enjoy precise control over the Ar sweep gas and N2 addition gas with the integrated mass flow controllers (MFCs), facilitating optimal system configuration.
  8. Convenient Software Control: The system offers computer software control over critical parameters, including spray chamber temperature, membrane oven temperature, Ar sweep gas, and N2 addition gas. This feature allows for remote tuning, particularly useful when the Aridus3 is placed within a clean enclosure.
  9. Flow Saver Software Application: The new Flow Saver software application empowers users to turn off Ar and N2 gas flows upon the completion of an overnight run, effectively conserving valuable gases.
  10. Removable Membrane Heater Block: Cleaning or replacing the membrane is now effortless, thanks to the new removable membrane heater block.


The Teledyne CETAC Aridus3 Desolvating Nebulizer System finds applications across various scientific disciplines, including:

  • Isotopic analysis
  • Ultratrace analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Geological analysis
  • Biological analysis
  • Pharmaceutical analysis

With its exceptional sensitivity and interference reduction capabilities, the Aridus3 enables accurate and reliable results for a wide range of applications.


Sample typeLiquids
Detection limitsEnhancement up to 10x in sensitivity
NebulizerC-Flow PFA; 50, 100 or 200 μL/min
Spray chamberMaterial: PFA
Temperature: 110°C
Desolvating membraneMaterial: Fluorpolymer
Ar Sweep Gas: 0,00 to 12,0 mL/min
N2 Addition Gas: 0,00 to 50,0 mL/min
Temperature: 140°C
Common applicationsICP-MS, Isotopic and ultra trace analysis, geochemistry, nuclear, semiconductor
Input pressureAr: 70 to 100 psi (4,8 to 6,9 bar)
N2: 50 to 100 psi (3,4 to 6,9 bar)
DimensionsHeight: 19,2 cm
Width: 33,7 cm
Depth: 52,0 cm
Weight11,8 kg
Communication InterfaceUSB or RS-232
Power Requirements120 VAC ± 10% , 50/60 Hz, 6 A or 220 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 3 A, 1x power outlet needed
Minimum Computer RequirementsWindows 10, .Net 4.6, 2GB RAM, One free USB/RS-232 port
Warranty24 months limited
OptionalIEEE-488 connection, ASX-112FR Micro Autosampler

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