About us

Aemas stands for service and customer orientation. We collaborate with the customer to find a solution.


Aemas sells solutions/applications, and often an instrument is included. We consider our installation complete only when the user knows how to operate the instrument, and when the application(s) have been developed/set up.

A laboratory cannot afford to spend a month or two to get a new instrument operational. Aemas can address this issue by developing the application(s) in our own application laboratory before the installation.

At Aemas, you can also turn to us for the development of applications for instruments that are not supplied by us.


At Aemas, the customer is truly king; we are there for the customer, and not the other way around. With a team of five people, communication lines are short, ensuring continuity for the customer. When an instrument requires service, we are able to be present in 95% of cases within 24 hours (Same Day Service).

How it all started


Aemas was established in 1999 as a laboratory specializing in challenging element analyses for ICP-OES and ICP-MS. Starting from 2005, with the initiation of our partnership with Teledyne Leeman Labs, the focus shifted, and the knowledge and experience gained from specialized element analysis were incorporated into the sale of instruments for performing element analyses.

In 2005, Aemas began selling ICP-OES, Hg analyzers, and DC-Arc spectrometers from Teledyne Leeman Labs. In 2010, Aemas also acquired representation of Spectral Systems from Germany, which added ETV (Electrothermal Vaporization) to our portfolio. ETV is a technique that can be coupled with ICP-OES or ICP-MS, where the sample is evaporated and directly introduced into the plasma without sample preparation.

Our demonstration and application laboratory is located at Everdenberg in Oosterhout. Here, we develop applications for equipment from both our represented suppliers and for equipment from suppliers that we do not represent.

Post-bachelor courses

Aemas stands for service and customer orientation. We work together with the customer towards a solution. At Aemas, we don’t just sell instruments; we sell applications/solutions, and an instrument is part of that.

In 2010 we started in offering the post-bachelor course ”Atomic Emission Spectrometry with ICP” in collaboration with Avans+. The course is taught by Dr.ir. M.T.C. de Loos-Vollebregt from the University of Gent and Bert van der Hoeff founder of Aemas.