Mercury (Hg) Analyzers

In the realm of elemental analysis, the need for accurate mercury testing is critical. Mercury, a toxic heavy metal, finds its way into our environment through natural and industrial sources, posing a significant risk to public health and the environment. Accurate testing for mercury is crucial in monitoring and mitigating these risks.

At Aemas, we provide advanced mercury analyzers that offer precise mercury testing, ensuring safety and compliance with environmental standards. Our mercury analyzers offer unparalleled performance in mercury analytics, delivering precise, accurate, and fast results.

The Role of Mercury Analyzers in Elemental Analysis

A mercury analyzer, also known as an Hg analyzer, is a critical tool used to test for mercury in various samples. These samples may range from environmental, such as air, soil, or water, to industrial waste or even biological samples. Mercury analyzers can be used in various sectors, including environmental monitoring, industry, and scientific research.

At Aemas, our mercury analyzers are specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of these sectors. They offer superior performance in mercury testing, ensuring that even trace amounts of mercury are accurately detected and measured. 

Why Choose our Mercury Analyzers?

When it comes to reliable mercury testing, our mercury analyzers are second to none. They not only deliver accurate results but also offer the versatility to test for mercury in various types of samples. This makes them an invaluable tool for anyone needing precise mercury determination.

But at Aemas, we offer more than just a mercury tester. We offer complete solutions that include the analyzer, user training, and after-sales service. We believe that our service does not end with the sale of an instrument, but continues with ensuring our clients have all they need to successfully use our products.

Experience the Aemas difference today. Let our team assist you in choosing the ideal mercury analyzer that is perfectly suited to your specific requirements and applications. At Aemas, you’re not just investing in an instrument – you’re investing in a solution.