XLR-860 – Extended Rack Autosampler

Introducing the XLR‑860 Extended Rack Autosampler, a complete 8 rack autosampler that holds up to 720 samples and 10 standards. This sophisticated piece of lab equipment enables double your usual sample capacity, freeing valuable personnel from the arduous task of manual sample manipulation and significantly enhancing lab productivity.


Built on the most reliable, longest-lasting autosampler platform, the XLR-860 stands ready to meet the seemingly endless demands of sample analyses. Key construction features include a polymer cover, base, and sample tray, a carbon fiber arm, and z-drive, with no exposed metal parts. The autosampler comes with a flowing rinse station equipped with an on-board peristaltic pump and offers flexible sample rack configurations for tailored use. The fast, fluid movement allows efficient operation, and multiple accessory options provide an adaptable platform for a variety of lab applications.

The XLR‑860 offers a multitude of beneficial features, such as configurable XYZ movement, an optional dust cover enclosure, advanced electronics, injection-molded parts, and easy tubing replacement options. Its wide-ranging flow capabilities (0.1 – 80 mL/min) allow you to conserve expensive rinse solutions.

Quiet operation ensures a peaceful work environment, while its precise, configurable XYZ movement and state-of-the-art movement profile guarantee flawless accuracy and high-resolution positioning. The autosampler also features active resonance control, electronic home position alignment, and user-friendly firmware and configuration software utilities.

This autosampler model is backward compatible in communications and offers a seamless upgrade path with performance-proven technology. It also provides a 2-year warranty, ensuring reliable operation and support.


Every feature of the XLR‑860, a part of Teledyne CETAC’s Autosampler series, is designed to simplify analysis and save time. The machine is created with chemically resistant materials, perfect for a variety of tests, experiments, and analyses. Its capabilities extend to improved high-resolution applications, thanks to advanced pump technology and broad chemical compatibility. It is particularly effective for labs that need to handle a high number of samples in a short period, with the added benefit of easy serviceability and maintenance.


Sample typeLiquids
Common applicationsAA, ICP, ICP-MS, TOC, UV-VIS, fraction collection, liquid handling and more
CapacityUp to 8 racks and 10x 50mL calibration standard positions
Rack options21 (50mL), 24 (30mL), 40 (20mL), 60 (14mL), 90 (7mL) position racks, and 96 position Deep Well Plates
SpeedX: 100-330 mm/sec
Y: 73-411 mm/sec
Z: 164-476 mm/sec
DimensionsHeight: 66,7 cm
Width: 112 cm
Depth: 59,5 cm
Weight20,4 kg
Communication InterfaceUSB, RS-232 and 5 auxiliary input and output
Power Requirements100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 1,9 A ,
Minimum Computer RequirementsMicrosoft Windows 10 or higher, one free USB/RS-232 port
Warranty24 months limited
OptionsSimPrep Automated Prep system, ASXPress plus Rapid Sample Introduction System, ENC-860DC Dust Cover Enclosure, Custom racks option available, Dual Rinse Station

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