SDX HPLD – Online Liquid Dilution System

Experience an extraordinary evolution of proven technology with the SDXHPLD, an innovative automated dilution system that redefines efficiency and precision. Built upon the foundation of the renowned ASX-560 autosampler, this straightforward yet sophisticated system revolutionizes the way dilutions are performed. By employing volume-to-volume dilution, a highly accurate syringe pump, and unique vortex mixing, the SDXHPLD mimics the meticulousness of manual dilution techniques while delivering unparalleled accuracy and ease of use.


Prescriptive Dilution (2x to 5000x)
The SDXHPLD brings significant advantages to the laboratory, saving valuable time and effort for laboratory staff. Its accuracy and precision in diluting both unknown samples and calibration standards are unparalleled. Whether you require dilution for unknown samples or calibration standard preparation, the SDXHPLD offers an intelligent solution that guarantees optimal results.

Responsive and Intelligent Dilution
Experience a truly responsive and intelligent dilution system. The SDXHPLD facilitates automated re-analysis and sample introduction for samples that exceed the calibration range or possess suppressed internal standards. This adaptive feature ensures reliable and accurate results, even in challenging scenarios.

Real-time Sample Homogenization Prior to Introduction
Supporting sample homogeneity and maintaining data integrity is crucial, particularly for matrices that tend to settle. The SDXHPLD provides a unique capability of homogenizing samples in real-time just before their introduction, ensuring consistent and reliable results throughout your analyses.

The SDXHPLD offers four intelligent auto-standard dilution modes, each designed to enhance accuracy and efficiency:

  1. Prescriptive Dilution Achieve precise dilution of unknown samples within the range of 2x to 5000x on a per-sample basis. By simply transferring samples to sample tubes and placing them in racks on the ASX-560 autosampler, you can define the desired dilution factor in the ICP instrument operating software. The SDXHPLD will expertly dilute and homogenize sample solutions immediately before analysis, eliminating the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual dilutions.


  1. Auto-Standard Prep With this mode, the SDXHPLD prepares working calibration standard solutions from the same source stock standard. By doing so, it enables the generation of linear calibration lines while eliminating the potential for manual dilution errors. Calibration standard solutions are expertly diluted and homogenized right before analysis, consistently achieving correlation coefficients of >0.999 from calibration lines generated via auto-standard preparation.


  1. Responsive and Intelligent Dilution: Failed Internal Standard Dilution To meet laboratory quality control protocols, it is crucial for the internal standard signal of unknown samples to fall within a specific tolerance range with respect to batch blank solutions. The SDXHPLD efficiently responds to samples that fail to meet this requirement by automatically re-diluting them at a greater dilution factor and re-introducing them. This intelligent response ensures alignment of the internal standard in such samples.


  1. Responsive and Intelligent Dilution: Exceeding Calibration Range To minimize analytical errors, the SDXHPLD detects samples that exhibit analyte signals greater than the top calibration standard. In response, it automatically re-dilutes these samples at a greater dilution factor and re-introduces them. The new dilution factor is calculated by the ICP instrument operating software to bring any such samples below the concentration of the top calibration standard, guaranteeing accurate and reliable results.



The SDX High-Performance Liquid Dilution system serves as the ultimate solution for aqueous and acid-base sample preparation in ICP and ICP-MS analyses. Its straightforward and fully-integrated automated dilution capabilities make it the ideal choice for achieving exceptional results in your ICP or ICP-MS experiments.


Sample typeLiquids
Dilution Range2x to 5000x
CarryoverAt 10:1 dilutions < 0,006%
Precision<5% at 10:1, 50:1 and 100:1 (7 replicates)
Accuracy± 5%
Linearityr2 = >0,999
Common applicationsICP-OES, ICP-MS, Environmental, Soils, Mining, Clinical, Pharmaceuticals
Autosampler (ASX-560)
CapacityUp to 4 racks
DimensionsHeight: 62 cm
Width: 58 cm
Depth: 56 cm
Weight11,7 kg
Dilution module
DimensionsHeight: 25,4 cm
Width: 13,2 cm
Depth: 21,6 cm
Weight4,4 kg
Communication InterfaceUSB or RS-232
Power Requirements100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 3,33 A , 1x power outlet needed + Autosampler
Minimum Computer RequirementsOne free USB/RS-232 port
Warranty12 months limited
OptionsASXPress Plus Rapid Sample Introduction System, Enclosure for Autosampler

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