Oils 7400 – Homogenizing Dual Matrix Autosampler

Introducing the Oils7400 Homogenizing Autosampler, a breakthrough in oil testing laboratories. With the increasing complexity in the industry, more types of samples are required to be tested. The Oils7400 is an adaptable solution, allowing both oil and coolant samples to be analyzed from the same system. Equipped with a dual port rinse station fed by two separate peristaltic pumps, this system offers the flexibility to shift between oil and coolant testing as needed.


The Oils7400 Homogenizing Autosampler is designed with a unique dual capacity to ensure efficient, accurate, and robust analysis of both oils and coolants. The system offers improved speed, enhanced mixing capabilities, and efficient sample drip capture, all aimed at generating representative data for complex oil samples.

A critical feature is its sample homogenization. Often, oil samples contain particulate matter which can settle and lead to inaccurate data. The Oils7400 addresses this challenge by using a stirring paddle mounted next to the sample probe to homogenize the samples before analysis, ensuring representative and consistent results.


Faster, Cleaner, and More Accurate: The Oils7400 brings together speed, accuracy, and cleanliness in one powerful package. It saves up to 2 seconds per sample with smoother XYZ movements, thereby enabling analysis of 2 samples per minute with the ASXPRESS PLUS rapid sample introduction. With superior motion control, it ensures more accurate and precise XYZ movement for robust sample analysis. The improved drip cup design captures and retains any sample droplets, eliminating cross contamination while maintaining high-speed operation.

Dual Rinse Station: The sliding rinse station allows for seamless transition between oil and coolant samples. The rinse station uses different peristaltic pumps for oil and coolant testing, minimizing analyte carryover and cross contamination. Switching from oil to coolant testing is possible within 5 minutes, saving valuable time for analysts.


Sample typeOrganic, Wear metals, Petrochemical, Aqueous, Coolants
CapacitiesUp to 4 racks (384 samples)
Rack optionsGilson, Bel-At, CETAC/Bohdan, Janus
DimensionsHeight: 49 cm
Width: 57 cm
Depth: 57,5 cm
Weight23 kg
Communication InterfaceUSB or RS-232
Power Requirements100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 1,9 A
Minimum Computer RequirementsMicrosoft Windows 7 or higher, one free USB or RS-232 port
Warranty24 months limited
OptionsCustom racks option available

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