M-7600 – CVAA

The QuickTrace® M-7600 Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption (CVAA) Kwik Analyzer easily achieves an ultra-low detection limit of <0.5 ng/L, which is needed for those laboratories using various European standards, such as Din ISO 16772, EN-13806, EN-1483, and ISO 12846. The QuickTrace® M-7600 is ideal for measuring samples in a very wide range from ultra-low to sub-mg/L mercury concentrations. The M-7600 is suitable for various types of laboratories such as environmental labs, industry, and universities.


The QuickTrace® M-7600 Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption (CVAA) mercury analyzer combines the proven technologies of its predecessors together with modern techniques for ultra-fast data collection. The M-7600 is used to measure samples with various matrices after digestion, such as: water and wastewater, soil and sediment, biological tissue and fluids.

The QuickTrace® M-7600 mercury analyzer is also versatile enough to measure samples with high concentrations (>500 μg/L) without dilution. The M-7600 is capable of switching between low mg/L and ng/L analysis without having to change hardware or pump hoses. Using the proven and reliable CVAAS technique and combined with the multi-tasking Windows-based software, the QuickTrace® M-7600 is the most stable and sensitive atomic absorption analyzer on the market. For ultra-trace analysis, we recommend our sample changer housing (ENC-560) to protect the samples from contamination from the laboratory environment. The ENC-560 (with extraction) also protects your investment against the aggressive acidic vapors that are normally present in and around acid-digested samples.


You can expect excellent short and long term stability from the QuickTrace® M-7600 CVAAS analyzer. Instrument detection limits of less than 0.3 ng / l are typical for this analyzer, with less than 4 minutes sample time and less than 25 ml sample required.

  • Ultra-trace detection limit (< 0.5 ng/L IDL)
  • Linearity better than 4 orders
  • Dynamic range < 0.5 ng/L (ppt) to > 500 μg/L (ppb)
  • The automatic flush technology is activated after detection of concentrations > 1 mg/L
  • Short-term precision (%RSD @ 95% Reliability) < 1.2% @ 20 ng/L, n=5
  • Short-term precision (%RSD @ 95% Reliability) < 6.0% @ 5 ng/L, n=5​

Software Features

The extremely flexible software gives the user the ability to create their application exactly as is suitable for the laboratory. The software is multitasking and extremely flexible, with results that can be exported directly to a LIMS.
The software has a number of special features:

  • Use of different racks and sample volumes
  • User-customizable quality controls
  • 1- or 2-point baseline correction
  • Real-time data export
  • User-programmable reports


Comply with the following methods:

  • EU Methods; DIN ISO 16772, EN-13806, EN-1483, and ISO 12846
  • ASTM Method; D3223, D3624, D3684, D6414, and D6784
  • EPA Method 245.1
  • EPA Method 245.5
  • SW 846-7470
  • SW 846-7471

*Contact our sales for a full list of applicable methods.


Sample typeAqueous
TechniqueCold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
Detection limits<0,5 ng/L IDL
LinearityMore than 4 orders of magnitude
Dynamic Range<0,5 ng/L to > 500 μg/L
Short term precision (%RSD at 95% Confidence)<1,2% at 20 ng/L, n=5

<6,0% at 5 ng/L, n=5

Common MethodsEPA 245.1, EPA 245.5, SW 846-7470, SW 846-7471, ASTM D3223,  ASTM D3624, ASTM D3684, ASTM D6414, ASTM D6784, Din ISO 16772, EN-13806, EN-16175-1 and ISO 12846
DimensionsHeight: 46 cm
Width: 20 cm
Depth: 56 cm
Weight16 kg
Gas RequirementsN2 or Ar at 120 psi
Communication InterfaceEthernet
Power Requirements100-240 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Minimum Computer RequirementsMicrosoft Windows 10, Free ethernet port
Warranty12 months limited
OptionsAutosampler: ASX-280 or ASX-560

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