ENC DC Series – Autosampler Enclosures

Introducing our cutting-edge line, the ENC DC Series Autosampler Enclosures. As a pillar of our innovative product collection, these enclosures aren’t just about safeguarding your samples and personnel; they’re about instilling a sense of calm, trust, and reliability in your day-to-day lab work. Engineered with an array of practical features and options, our enclosures effortlessly combine convenience and durability.


Constructed with shatter-proof polycarbonate, our ENC DC series enclosures can withstand the rigours of any lab environment. Their flexible, flat-pack design makes shipping an inexpensive breeze. A variety of configurations for the vent, fan, and ports let you customize the enclosure to your workspace and needs.

These versatile enclosures can serve multiple purposes in your lab, from quick evacuation of harmful fumes to prevention of contamination and corrosion. They offer easy access to samples and autosampler components through both front and rear, making your work as seamless as possible.


The ENC DC Series is perfect for any lab setting, thanks to its extensive application range and compatibility with multiple autosampler models, including CETAC ASX-130, ASX-260, ASX-280, ASX-520, ASX-520HS, ASX-560, EXR‑8, XLR-8, and XLR-860.

Whether you require a filtered positive pressure enclosure (using the optional fan and HEPA filter), a vented enclosure (using the included 4” exhaust port flange), or simply a handy dust cover (by using the enclosure without the fan and filter), the ENC DC Series has you covered. It can even be fitted with an optional rigid base for those irregular lab surfaces.


ExhaustYes, 10,16 cm (4’’) fume hood attachement
CompatibilityCETAC ASX-130, ASX-260, ASX-280, ASX-520, ASX-520HS, ASX-560, EXR‑8, XLR-8, and XLR-860 autosamplers

Many other autosamplers.

ENC-280DCFor ASX-280 and 2-rack autosamplers
DimensionsHeight: 65 cm
Width: 43 cm
Depth: 58 cm
Weight8 kg
ENC-560DCFor ASX-560 and 4-rack autosamplers
DimensionsHeight: 65 cm
Width: 60 cm
Depth: 58 cm
Weight11 kg
ENC-860DCFor XLR-860 and 8-rack autosamplers
DimensionsHeight: 98 cm
Width: 111 cm
Depth: 67 cm
Weight22 kg
Warranty12 months limited
OptionsHEPA filter, Positive pressure fan, Gas flow meter, Base for irregular surfaces.


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