ASX-280 – Compact Autosampler

Discover the next generation of autosamplers from Teledyne CETAC Technologies, offering an array of innovative features and improved performance. Building upon the proven reliability of its predecessors, the compact ASX-280 Autosampler sets a new standard in sample analysis. With cutting-edge electronics, enhanced accessory interfaces, superior pumping capabilities, simplified serviceability, and a sleek design, this autosampler is the ultimate solution for efficient and automated sample introduction systems.


Designed to optimize laboratory bench space, the ASX-280 Two-Rack Autosampler combines a compact form factor with exceptional performance. Ideal for low to medium volume sample applications, this autosampler delivers fully automated features while maintaining user-friendly operation. With Teledyne CETAC’s renowned reliability as its foundation, the ASX-280 incorporates the latest generation electronics, enabling seamless integration with a range of accessories. Experience enhanced pumping capabilities, simplified serviceability, and a sleek, modern design that elevates the efficiency and aesthetics of your laboratory environment.


The ASX-280 Autosampler offers a wide range of applications to streamline and automate your sample analysis processes. Whether it’s in pharmaceutical research, environmental testing, or any other laboratory discipline, this autosampler excels in delivering accurate and efficient results. Its compact design, combined with advanced automation capabilities, makes it an ideal choice for laboratories with limited space. The ASX-280 accommodates low to medium volume sample applications, ensuring reliable and precise sample introduction. Experience the convenience of a fully automated system that optimizes workflow and maximizes productivity.


Sample typeLiquids
Common applicationsAA, ICP, ICP-MS, TOC, UV-VIS, fraction collection, liquid handling and more
CapacityUp to 2 racks and 5x 50mL calibration standard positions
Rack options21 (50mL), 24 (30mL), 40 (20mL), 60 (14mL), 90 (7mL) position racks, and 96 position Deep Well Plates
SpeedX: 100-330 mm/sec
Y: 73-411 mm/sec
Z: 164-476 mm/sec
DimensionsHeight: 62 cm
Width: 36 cm
Depth: 55 cm
Weight8,1 kg
Communication InterfaceUSB, RS-232 and 5 auxiliary input and output
Power Requirements100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 1,9 A ,
Minimum Computer RequirementsMicrosoft Windows 10 or higher, one free USB/RS-232 port
Warranty24 months limited
OptionsSimPrep Automated Prep system, ASXPress plus Rapid Sample Introduction System, ENC-280DC Dust Cover Enclosure, Custom racks option available, Dual Rinse Station

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