APS-7650G – Gravimetric Sample Prep Station

In the realm of laboratory instruments, it is crucial to acknowledge the unique strengths of both humans and robots. At our laboratory instrument distribution company, we believe in harnessing the power of automation to enhance precision and streamline processes. Introducing the APS-7650G Gravimetric Sample Prep Station, designed to automate ASTM D5185 and ASTM D4951 procedures while maximizing user convenience and efficiency.


The APS-7650G Gravimetric Sample Prep Station is a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates automation and advanced technology to facilitate precise and time-efficient sample preparation. This fully automated system faithfully replicates every step involved in manual dilution, ensuring consistent and accurate results. From the initial vial gripping to the meticulous measurement on the scale, and finally to the homogenizing mixer, the APS-7650G handles it all effortlessly. Additionally, it intelligently records vital sample data for easy importation into the ICP software, reducing manual data entry and potential errors.

Technical Specifications for Uncompromising Accuracy and Precision

  • Dilution range: 10-100x
  • Sample viscosities: Up to 1000 cSt
  • Accuracy: ±0.1 mg
  • Automation: Automatically dilutes samples by weight on integrated balance
  • Pipettor: Integrated with zero carryover for maximum sample integrity
  • Software: User-friendly OilEase™ software for easy customization and data management

With its remarkable features and uncompromising precision, the APS-7650G Gravimetric Sample Prep Station is revolutionizing the laboratory landscape. By automating the time-consuming sample dilution process, this system liberates your team, allowing them to focus their expertise on more critical tasks in the lab. Let the APS-7650G streamline your workflow and unleash the full potential of your laboratory staff.


The APS-7650G Gravimetric Sample Prep Station offers an array of features tailored to meet various laboratory needs. With its integrated pipettor, it guarantees zero carryover, safeguarding the integrity of your samples. The system also allows seamless import and export of sample information, enhancing data management and traceability. The user-friendly OilEase™ software simplifies the process, enabling the creation of custom methods for different sample routines, improving efficiency and flexibility. Moreover, the APS-7650G accommodates a wide dilution range of 10-100x and can handle sample viscosities up to 1000 cSt, making it suitable for a diverse range of applications.


Sample typeOrganic, Wear metals and Petrochemical, Aqueous, Viscosities up to 1000 cSt
Dilution Range10x to 100x
Carryover, Accuracy<1,0%, ± 0,1 mg
Common MethodsASTM D5185 and ASTM D4951
CapacitiesUp to 3 sample racks (180 samples) and up to 3 collection racks (180 samples)
Rack optionsTube: 60, 80, and OE4 96 positions racks
Bottle: 45 and OE4/OE8 32 positions racks
Pour off cups: 90 position cup rack, with overflow retention
Dimensions AutodilutorHeight: 57 cm
Width: 80 cm
Depth: 69 cm
Dimensions Syringe pumpHeight: 30,5 cm
Width: 7,5 cm
Depth: 18 cm
WeightAutodilutor: 45 kg
Syringe pump: 3,7 kg
Communication InterfaceUSB or RS-232
Power Requirements100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 1,9 A , 2x power outlets needed
Minimum Computer RequirementsMicrosoft Windows 10 or higher, one free USB or RS-232 port
Warranty24 months limited
OptionsCustom racks option available

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