APS-7450V – Volumetric Sample Prep Station

Teledyne Cetac presents an innovative solution that significantly improves the wear metals workflow. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the APS-7450V system streamlines the entire process, offering exceptional precision, accuracy, and reproducibility. Whether dealing with various viscosities or requiring automated sample mixing, this instrument delivers consistent performance, making it an ideal choice for laboratories of all types. Experience the benefits of intuitive software, versatile sample accommodation, extensive dilution range, and minimal carryover for seamless and efficient wear metals analysis.


Maintain Sample Integrity:
Our APS-7450V system ensures sample integrity by incorporating a drip cup that travels with the probe during its movement over the sample tubes. This innovative feature collects any sample droplets, preventing cross-contamination and preserving the accuracy of your results.

Sample Homogenization:
Achieving sample homogeneity is critical to obtaining reliable data. The APS-7450V employs a concussive mixing method, utilizing close proximity and high acceleration diluent addition. This technique is effective across a wide range of sample types, ensuring thorough sample mixing prior to analysis.

Customize Sample Routines:
Tailoring the analysis process to your specific requirements is made simple with the OilEase software. This intuitive software allows you to create custom methods and apply them to specific samples in a sequence, guaranteeing that the analysis method matches the sample type accurately.

Simplify Preparations:
The APS-7450V system offers a convenient onboard density correction option. This feature automatically adjusts the volume of sample diluent added, accounting for the density difference between standard and diluent solutions. By maintaining optimal speed while improving sample accuracy, it simplifies the preparation process and enhances overall efficiency.

Reduce Costs:
Built with durability in mind, the APS-7450V system ensures long and reliable performance with minimal routine maintenance. By reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements, this instrument helps laboratories cut costs without compromising on quality.

Key Specifications of the APS-7450V System

  • Dilution Time: 20 seconds per sample for a 1:10 dilution with a final volume of 5mL.
  • Precision, Accuracy, and Reproducibility: Excellent performance in terms of precision, accuracy, and reproducibility, ensuring reliable and consistent results.
  • Viscosity Range: Consistent performance across a wide range of viscosities, allowing for analysis of various sample types.
  • Intuitive Software: User-friendly software interface that simplifies operation and enables customization of sample routines.
  • Automated Sample Mixing: Efficient and automated sample mixing, eliminating manual effort and ensuring homogeneity.
  • Sample Accommodation: Accommodates a variety of sample bottles, cups, or tubes, providing flexibility in sample handling.
  • Dilution Range: Dilution range from 5× to 100×, offering versatility in sample preparation and analysis.
  • Carryover: Less than 1% carryover, minimizing contamination and ensuring accurate results.
  • Maintenance: Robust build and light routine maintenance, resulting in long-lasting and reliable performance while reducing costs.


The APS-7450V system finds application in a wide range of laboratory environments. Its adaptability and outstanding performance make it suitable for the following areas:

  1. Wear Metals Analysis: By improving the wear metals workflow, our instrument facilitates efficient and accurate analysis of wear metals in various samples, providing valuable insights for industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and machinery.
  2. Quality Control: In quality control laboratories, the APS-7450V system ensures reliable and consistent results, supporting the testing and analysis of samples to maintain product quality and adhere to industry standards.
  3. Research and Development: Researchers can rely on the precision and reproducibility of the APS-7450V system for their experiments and studies. Its versatility in accommodating different sample bottles, cups, or tubes makes it a valuable tool for laboratories involved in scientific research and development.


Sample typeOrganic, Wear metals and Petrochemical, Aqueous
Time per Sample20 sec for 1:10 dilution with a final volume of 5mL
Dilution Range5x to 100x
Carryover and Recovery<1,0%, 99-101%
Common MethodsASTM D5185
CapacitiesUp to 4 sample racks (360 samples) and up to 4 collection racks (360 samples)
Rack optionsTube: 60, 80, 90, 96 and OE4 96 positions racks
Bottle: 45 and OE4/OE8 32 positions racks
Pour off cups: 90 position cup rack, with overflow retention
Dimensions AutodilutorHeight: 49 cm
Width: 57 cm
Depth: 78 cm
Dimensions Syringe pumpHeight: 30,5 cm
Width: 7,5 cm
Depth: 18 cm
WeightAutodilutor: 33,6 kg
Syringe pump: 3,7 kg
Communication InterfaceUSB or RS-232
Power Requirements100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 1,9 A , 2x power outlets needed
Minimum Computer RequirementsMicrosoft Windows 10 or higher, one free USB or RS-232 port
Warranty24 months limited
OptionsCustom racks option available

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